Take control of your business credit rating

With a good credit rating, you can:

  • Survive - trade credit is the lifeblood of business
  • Grow - take advantage of that big contract opportunity
  • Save - ensure that you are getting the best terms on funding

How can Check Business help you?




Understand, manage and monitor your credit rating. See what influences potential suppliers' decisions to extend trade credit to your business.

Many large organisations will check your business credit rating - sometimes before you know you are in contention. Ensure you're not missing out on big contracts.

Loans are often priced on your credit profile. A poor credit rating could be costing you thousands of pounds.

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Plus: Manage supply chain and customer risk

It's not just your credit rating you can view on Check Business. Screen your suppliers, prospects and customers to ensure you are buying from stable businesses and selling to customers who are able to pay.